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Slots Download

Free Slots - Have A SpinIf you're looking for a slots download, this is the hot spot. We've grouped together a number of direct downloads for you, so you don't have to spend your time at shareware sites and spam pages from online casinos. Our slots download offerings are virus checked by us, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't run them through your own scanner (no, don't be paranoid, you should check all of your downloads every time anyway). This page is updated frequently so please keep checking back for new downloads:

Slots-Info Ver 1.0 | Download Now
Publisher: Slots-Info.Com | File size: 0.86MB | Min. Req: Win 3.x

Yes, this is our own tight, compact and fun little free slot machine. It's the smallest of the downloads on this page, hence it will get to you the fastest. Since it's ours, we rate it highly and we suggest you get it first - then explore the others :-). There is no money to be won from this, so it's all for free, honest-to-goodness fun..

3D Hotslots 3.01 | Download Now
Publisher: Ultisoft | File size: 1.6MB | Min. Req: Win 3.x, SVGA

3D Hotslots is a slot machine simulator. The graphics in this game are lush: each reel is animated with real-time 3D graphics, and the game comes alive with plenty of realistic sounds from slot machines. 3D Hotslots brings the excitement of casino gaming to your personal computer, with none of that nasty loss of cash associated with gambling. This version features updated graphics, bug fixes, and faster action. Slots | Download Now
Publisher: Online Casino | File size: 1.1MB | Min. Req: Win 3.x

This small slots download has all the features you’re probably looking for. Decent quality graphics and sound, a step below what you will get from a casino software suite, but a much smaller download with no pressure to play for real. The install was easy, it’s just an executable file. This is a good slots download for casual free play.

Lost Tomb Slots 2.3 | Download Now
Publisher: | File size: 2.2MB | License: Shareware; $20
Uninstaller included: Yes | Limitations: Some features disabled
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/Me, 64MB RAM

Lost Tomb Slots is a three-payline slot machine game with an Egyptian theme and secrets to unlock after every spin. Up to three coins can be bet on each spin (one per payline). Winnings are based on the symbols on the payline and the number of coins being bet. There are also several bonus features, such as a hidden treasure room that make the game very challenging and fun. Note: Load and Save features are disabled in this shareware version. The registration price is $20.

Please if you find a slots download transferring too slowly. It is possible that the bottleneck is at your local end, but if not, we would like to be made aware of any bandwidth issues.

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