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Free Slots - Have A SpinHere we are going to take a look at the variety of slot games available to you around the world, and online. The variety of game types is truly astonishing, it seems like a style of game has been created for every facet of American popular culture, but truthfully, the game behind the game is exactly the same more often than not.

There are however, some subtle differences in the types of games available. Some differences are a matter of law. California for instance permits 'lottery' style slot machines, where winners divide the pot of players' money, but they do not allow 'banking' system slot machines where players get a predetermined payout and the casino collects a percentage. These 'banking' slot games are of course the ones we are used to in Nevada and New Jersey. This difference in slot games has come to light in the media lately as native bands in California are attempting to have 'banking' slot games implemented on native run land.

As you walk through the casino you will see some machines advertised as 'progressives' and some machines that offer 'variable state' play, as well as the throngs of normal machines on the floor. What's important is that you can walk up to a machine and read the information specific to it with some comprehension. Let's have a look at the different types of machines that you should be aware of.

Multiplier Slots Game
This machine alters its payouts by multiplying them by the number of coins you are playing for the spin. If for instance you hit a 10 dollar line playing 1 dollar you would be paid the 10 dollars, but if you were playing two coins you would be paid 20 dollars, and for three coins 30 dollars. Pretty straightforward and logical.

Bonus Multiplier Slots Game
Similar to multiplier slot machine, the bonus multiplier simply adds some extra cash for playing the maximum number of coins. The payout for 1 coin may be 1000 dollars, for 2 coins 2000, but for 3 coins $10,000. You need to assess each machine to see if the bonus is worth playing max coinage every time.

Multiple Pay-Line
You need to be aware of when you're playing on a multiple pay-line machine so you don't accidentally hit a jackpot you won't get paid for. For these slot games there is more than one line upon which a winning combination can hit. Usually there is the standard line in the dead center, and a line above and below it, on which you can also win. The trick is, to activate the extra pay lines you need to play more coins per spin. Usually on a three-line machine one coin will activate the center pay-line, a second will activate either the top or bottom line, and you must play 3 coins to have the chance of winning on any of the pay lines. This can be a source of frustration when you haven't played the maximum coinage and hit a jackpot sequence on an inactive pay-line, because you don't get paid.

This type of slots game has confused more people than it has helped, so here's a simple discussion of it. Each successive coin you play per spin activates a new possible pay-out. This means that if you don't play maximum coins on the machine, and you happen to hit a major sequence that would pay out a massive amount of money, you won't receive a thing, because you haven't paid to be eligible for that pay-out. Seems a bit of a con, but that's why you have to read the machine you're playing. I'm sure it has thrown an unfortunate gamer into a depression or two since this slots game arrived. You need to play maximum coins to activate the largest payoffs, so if you like these machines it's our advice that you only play them when you can play them fully, you don't want to hit a jackpot and not be able to claim it.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Games
Progressive jackpot games have grown rapidly in popularity of late. As larger companies implement their own large area networks of progressive machines, the jackpots are pushed to incredibly high levels. Read up on for an in-depth look at progressive jackpot slot games.

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